ESPN To Close Its New York City And Los Angeles Studios

ESPN is planning to close its studios in New York City and Los Angeles by 2025, according to a report by Puck News. The move is part of a cost-cutting effort by Disney, which owns ESPN.

The New York studio is home to several popular ESPN shows, including “First Take,” “Get Up,” and “Around the Horn.” The Los Angeles studio is home to ESPN’s coverage of the NBA, MLB, and NHL.

The closure of the New York and Los Angeles studios will impact hundreds of ESPN employees. The company is reportedly offering severance packages and relocation assistance to affected employees.

The closure of the studios is a sign of the changing landscape of the media industry. More and more people are consuming content online, and ESPN is no exception. The company has been investing heavily in its streaming service, ESPN+, and it is likely that it will continue to do so in the future.

The closure of the studios is also a sign of the decline of traditional cable television. ESPN is one of the most popular cable channels, but it has been losing subscribers in recent years. The company is trying to offset these losses by growing its streaming business.

It is unclear how the closure of the studios will impact ESPN’s programming. The company has not announced any specific changes to its lineup. However, it is possible that some shows will be canceled or moved to different locations.

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