Enes Kanter To Open A Charter School – Was Inspired By His ‘Enemy’ LeBron James

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Enes Kanter To Open A Charter School – Was Inspired By His ‘Enemy’ LeBron James


Boston Celtics big man, Enes Kanter announced that he will be opening a charter school.

Kanter has yet to picked an exact location for the school, other than that it will be in Oklahoma City, where he played for almost three seasons and was the fan favorite. Even though it’s been a while since he played there, Kanter still has a connection to the city.

But opening up a charter school is something that Kanter was inspired of by non other than LeBron James. Kanter and LeBron have never been the best friends, often clashing on and off the court. Their latest feud came when James sided against Rockets GM Morey in the ‘China incident’ before the start of the season. Kanter tough, nonetheless praised James for investing in the future.

James opened the ‘I Promise School’ in his hometown Akron, Ohio, last year.

Per The Boston Globe:


“I think that’s the most beautiful thing you can do, educating our future, investing in our future,” Kanter said. “It was the most beautiful thing LeBron did, and it inspired me. I criticize LeBron a lot, obviously. Me and him have a beef. But what he did was just — I was like ‘Wow, this is amazing,’” 


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