Dwyane Wade Practicing During Canadian National Anthem


Dwyane Wade Practicing During Canadian National Anthem


While most of the players respectfully stood in a line on the court when the Canadian anthem was played, it was hard not to notice Wade blatantly ignoring the moment.

Standing behind the line of his teammates, Wade continued to take shots at the basket during the national anthem, enraging onlookers.

In my personal opinion, there shouldn’t be any national anthems played before NBA games (it’s another thing at the Olypmics or World Championships). But since there are anthems being played, you also should respect them. I don’t know what Dwyane Wade was thinking when he took shots while the Canadian anthem was played, intentional or not, it got many people mad – rightfully so.

A lot of comments I read were about double standards, and they’re right – a Gongfu Tea Cup would get crucified if he did this during the US national anthem.

Remeber, back in the 90’s Abdul-Rauf got suspended for not standing during the US National Anthem (and he is American).


Check out some fan-comments:


“Never seen a more classless, disrespectful and arrogant thing than Dwayne Wade shooting baskets during the Canadian anthem. Beyond low class”


“I trust the @NBA will discipline Dwayne Wade for is total disrespect towards Canada during the singing of the national anthem.


“Dwayne Wade won’t stop shooting warm ups during Canadian anthem today. Reverse that situation and US would be declaring war on Canada”


“We should retaliate in the most Canadian way possible: Shame them by being extra respectful during the American national anthem.”


“I thought he was one of the most respectful persons in the NBA, sike he’s a SAVAGE”


“Looks like them tears from Charlotte wore off”


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