Dwyane Wade: “If You Don’t Root For D-Rose, Something Is Wrong With You”

Photo Credit: David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Dwyane Wade: “If You Don’t Root For D-Rose, Something Is Wrong With You”


Almost everybody loves Derrick Rose.

Even despite his injuries and setbacks in his career in which have never seen him reach his MVP playing level again, until to some parts in this season, people throughout the league and especially NBA fans still (and always have) adore(d) him. He was one of the most feared offensive players in the association, and now remains a solid fan favorite throughout NBA fan bases. I believe NBA fans want him to succeed so badly because of what he’s been through. I think it’s fair to say that Rose’s struggles throughout his career are relatable to the struggles individuals face in their everyday life.

This is the reason why Rose is omnipresent in the media these days. A comeback season like this is a surprise to everyone, but an amazing surprise, also for Dwyane Wade, who never doubted the talent of Rose.

In an interview with Fox Sports Florida, Wade now basically called out the Derrick Rose ‘haters’, and he is right. It is almost impossible to not cheer for the former MVP.


“It’s hard for someone not to be a fan of Derrick Rose. If you’re not a fan of Derrick Rose, if you don’t root for him, something is really wrong with you.”



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