Draymond Green’s Future With Warriors Beyond This Season Is Reportedly ‘In Serious Doubt’

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Draymond Green’s Future With Warriors Beyond This Season Is Reportedly ‘In Serious Doubt’


Draymond Green turned heads after the video of last Wednesday’s altercation between him and teammate Jordan Poole was shockingly obtained and leaked by TMZ. 

The video shows Green going chest-to-chest with the young Warriors guard during a practice session. Poole then attempted to shove Green away, just prior to the 32-year old veteran throwing out a punch and knocking down his teammate.

While the Warriors decided to go with a fine, rather than a suspension in the Green case, the incident could potentially lead to Green leaveing the team next season.

Tim Kawakami of The Athletic says that Green’s future with the Warriors is “in serious doubt”, while saying that “he may never get” the max-extension he wants.


Draymond’s future with this team beyond this season is in serious doubt. He’s not getting the max contract extension he wanted this summer and he may never get it. He has a player option next season; he’s obviously hurt his value throughout the league with this incident, but he can re-establish a lot of it with another great season. Maybe he can re-establish it with the Warriors, too.

But there’s a luxury-tax crunch hitting the Warriors in July. Team executives were already not sure they wanted to make a full recommitment to Draymond before he hit Poole. Even if they were hoping the punch would be just another blip they got past, once video went public there was no way it would ever be forgotten. It’s indelible. And it’s obvious that there’s even less allegiance to Draymond within the Warriors’ leadership now. And when and if Draymond understands that, he might start planning his exit, too.


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