Draymond Green Vs JaVale McGee – ‘It’s War’


Draymond Green Vs JaVale McGee – ‘It’s War’


A couple of days ago, JaVale McGee gave all of his teammates an amazing and hilarious gift on the team’s plane. Every player received a blanket, with a photo of Draymond Green sleeping on it.



The blankets are being used too, as you can see on this snap by Andre Iguodala.



In ‘The Jump’ Green has spoken about it for the first time and told Rachel Nichols:

“My response is: It’s war, and I already know when I do whenever I’m gonna do, I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet, but when I do it, all these guys are going to tell me, ‘Draymond, you went too far, you did too much.’ But, he started this. I don’t know about finishing because he might want to come back after I do whatever I’m gonna do. But, the next hit is gonna be strong.”


It’s on – Prank Wars – I can’t wait for Draymond’s revenge prank…

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