Draymond Green Says Lakers Fans Are Pathetic Spoiled Little Brats For Boo LeBron James

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Draymond Green Says Lakers Fans Are Pathetic Spoiled Little Brats For Boo LeBron James


The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t quite lived up to their billing so far this season and have recently slipped to the 9th spot in the Western Conference with a 27-35 record.  As their struggle continues, the noises from within the franchise get louder and louder.

The Lakers now got booed by their own fans in games against the Pelicans and Clippers, due to blowout losses. This fan reaction now caused a Draymond Green reaction. According to Green, Lakers fans should stop and think before they boo LeBron James, while calling them ‘spoiled brats’.


“I have to speak on the boos last night. I thought that was insane, to be quite honest. From an organization that’s had so much success to start booing when things aren’t going right. That’s kind of wack to me. And then everyone gets upset if a player comes out and says, ‘Oh, forget them fans.’ Or, ‘They not with us anyway.’ Then everyone seems to get upset and uptight about it. But as athletes, we’re just supposed to sit back and be like, ‘Oh, they’re booing us.’ Quite frankly, most of those people in the arena don’t know how it feels to get booed. And so I guess I can cut a little slack in you not understanding how it feels to get booed by your own. Now, for me, I actually like to get booed. Like when I come into Crypto Arena, boo me all you want. That’s fun to me. The Cavs fans did it all weekend at All-Star weekend. Like, I enjoy it.

…But to get booed by your own fans is very distasteful and disgraceful. And I was shocked to see that… I thought that was pathetic. I thought that was extremely pathetic, and like I said, I thought it was very distasteful from the fanbase of an organization that has the most championships in the NBA. Let’s not be so like spoiled brats. It’s OK to be spoiled. You can 100 percent be spoiled, we all get spoiled by things at times at one point in our life or another, but let’s not be brats. And that was about as bratty as something that I’ve seen, considering that this team just won a championship not even a full two years ago! And now you’re booing? I thought that was utterly ridiculous.”


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