Doris Burke’s Heartwarming Story Of A Gregg Popovich Encounter After Finals Loss In 2013


Doris Burke’s Heartwarming Story Of A Gregg Popovich Encounter After Finals Loss In 2013


We all know the history most sideline reporters have with Gregg Popovich. When Popovich is questioned during in-game-between-qurter interviews, he always answers with very few words, seeming to be very annoyed. Things get worse when the Spurs are struggling. He can even be hostile at times.

But we also know that Pop is a very decent and kind person after the 48 minutes on the court have ended – and very vocal, when it comes to social injustices and other social issues.

Doris Burke, who had the pleasure of interviewing Popovich mid-game numerous times, has built a personal relationship with the Gregg Popovich. She now shared an amazing and heartwarming encounter she had with the San Antonio coaching legend, after the Spurs’ NBA Finals loss in 2013, that stuck with her to this day. Per the New York Post:


“I adore Gregg. Listen, I don’t like those [courtside] interviews more than anybody else, but I tell a story about Pop that will capture him. He loses Game 7 [of the 2013 NBA Finals]. I’m walking out of Miami Arena, and he’s gonna cross paths with me. I don’t even want to make eye contact with him. I put my head down and I step back and allow him to pass.

And he grabs my shoulders and he turns me to him and he says, ‘Now what are you gonna do with your offseason?’ I’m stunned, and I said, “I’m actually gonna make a trip to Napa,’” Burke narrated. “He goes, ‘Doris, here’s my secretary’s email. You send her a note, tell her what you’re doing.’ He sent me an email back with a list of places I should go. That captures Gregg Popovich more than those absolutely (chuckle) painful moments for the reporters on the sideline.”


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