Donovan Mitchell Followed Allen Iverson’s Footsteps In Games 6 & 7


Big time players usually show up, when the lights are the brightest. This can definitely be said about Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell.

Over the course of Games 6 and 7, Mitchell amassed a staggering 89 points, a feat that stands as the second-highest point total in such a scenario, trailing only the legendary Allen Iverson’s 90-point effort in 2001.

Mitchell’s offensive showcase propelled the Cleveland Cavaliers to a decisive Game 7 victory over the Orlando Magic, securing their advancement in the playoffs. His 39 points in Game 7 were not just a testament to his scoring ability but also to his resilience and leadership under pressure.

The significance of Mitchell’s achievement is magnified when placed in historical context. Allen Iverson, the only player to have outscored Mitchell in Games 6 and 7 of a playoff series, did so in the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks. Iverson’s performance is etched in the memories of basketball aficionados for the sheer will and determination he displayed.



As the Cavaliers look ahead to their next challenge, they do so with the knowledge that they have a player in Donovan Mitchell who can change the course of a game, a series, and perhaps even a postseason. 

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