Dirk Nowitzki On Not Retiring After This Year, His Contract & The 2017/18 Mavs

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Dirk Nowitzki On Not Retiring After This Year, His Contract & The 2017/18 Mavs


This coming season will be Dirk Nowitzki’s 20th NBA season. Every single NBA career game the 39-year old German has played, was as a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

This won’t change until his retirement, which interestingly enough doesn’t have to be next year, but possibly one year later. I was one of four people who were able to talk to Dirk in a conference call, yesterday. We talked about his thoughts on his new contract, the 2017/2018 NBA season, and his retirement, at some point in the nearer future.

Earlier this summer, Nowitzki signed a new two-year contract with the Mavericks. The contract is worth $5 million for this coming season and has a team option for next year.

$5 million for a player like Dirk? That’s as cheap as it gets in today’s NBA. But there is a reason behind it. Dirk said that it was his turn to give his friend Mark Cuban a good deal.


“Mark and I obviously have a close, close relationship. And last year, he really, really took care of me as we all know. That was well-documented, obviously. And, you know, it was my time to show again that I love being here. He [Mark Cuban] did that last summer, and now I gave him a little bit of a deal, maybe. I really… it’s signed for two years. We’ll see how the next year goes and obviously we all know I wanted to end my career there and I’m glad we got to that position now.”


He mentioned that he singed for two years, a couple of times throughout the interview. If his body will hold up, we will see him again in the 2018/2019 season.

Next season though, the Mavericks will have a very similar roster, to what they had this past season, with one (possibly) huge difference; Dennis Smith Jr. The Mavs’ lottery pick has looked great during the Summer League, and amazed people with his unbelievable athletic ability. Nowitzki talked about Smith and also mentioned that he would like that Nerlens Noel stayed in Dallas (Which he did).


“I haven’t met him yet, but I’ve seen highlights on Twitter. What an unbelievable athlete he is just playing above the rim, getting in the paint, and finishing. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with this kid, a lot of fun. It’s going to definitely be a piece for us to build with. We’re looking forward to the future and the whole Noel situation is a little unfortunate I think [not anymore]. We traded for him to keep him for the long run. I’m not sure what the latest is there, but I’m hoping that things will work out and he’s coming back to the Mavs and we’d have a crew that at times can be very athletic — when I’m out of the game.”


Nowitzki saying that a young core of Smith, Barnes and Nerlens Noel, should give the Mavericks give the ability to compete with anybody, but at the same time Dirk knows that the West has gotten better


“Hopefully if we start the season off a little better and everyone stays more engaged, hopefully we stay more injury-free, I think we’re trying to make a run. It’s no secret that West is unbelievable. Jimmy Butler came over and Minnesota are trying to make the play-offs, or will make the playoffs. Paul George comes over to OKC… it’s not getting any easier for sure.”


I really hope Dirk will be able to make the playoffs again, and that he stays healthy. He will forever be the greatest and most humble German to ever play this game.

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