Dirk Nowitzki Chases Wilt Chamberlain While Being Chased By LeBron

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Dirk Nowitzki Chases Wilt Chamberlain While Being Chased By LeBron


Dirk Nowitzki joined an elite group of NBA legends last season, as he drained a signature jump shot which saw him reach the 30,000 points plateau. Despite other NBA personalities singing his praises for his achievement, Nowitzki is still somehow underrated by NBA fans and many individuals involved with the game which is downright blasphemy.

As of now Dirk Nowitzki is in 6th place on the NBA’s all time scoring list. For now, or possibly for longer?

Nowitzki just needs 232 points to move ahead of Wilt Chamberlain, who he will catch next season. But even if he scores the 232 points, he might never be in 5th place after all. How?

Well, LeBron James is closing in quickly and now only has 149 fewer points than Dirk. Nowitzki himself also doesn’t believe he’ll make the top 5 before LeBron passes him. That’s what he told Tim McMahon of ESPN.


Dirk thinks he’ll be passed by LeBron before he passes Wilt on the all-time scoring list. “I’ll go right back to six. We already have all the merchandise and everything.”


That’s a race I’ll definitly have my eye on next season. It would be nice to see Dirk get to the top five, even if it only was for a day or two.

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