Derrick Rose On Why He Never Gave Up Despite Everything He’s Been Through


Derrick Rose On Why He Never Gave Up Despite Everything He’s Been Through


Everybody loves Derrick Rose!

Even despite his injuries and setbacks in his career in which have never seen him reach his MVP playing level again, people throughout the league and especially NBA fans still adore him.

He was one of the most feared offensive players in the association, and now remains a solid fan favorite throughout NBA fan bases. I believe NBA fans want him to succeed so badly because of what he’s been through. I think it’s fair to say that Rose’s struggles throughout his career are relatable to the struggles individuals face in their everyday life.

No matter what situation we are faced with in life, we always have to look for a way to fight, and NBA fans sympathize with the journey Rose has undertaken in his career so far. It’s the ability of seeing someone overcome a difficult situation and come back that makes him a feel-good player around the association.

Not many players would have had the fight in them to continue their career after four knee surgeries, and eye procedure and surgery on the elbow, but Rose always came back.

When he was asked, why he never gave up, Rose said his mom and kids are why.

Per The Boston Globe:


“It’s about just knowing where I come from. Knowing for one, my history, knowing my ancestors, knowing what they had to fight to get through for the ones that made it over here.

Knowing what my mom and my family members before her had to endure and knowing that I don’t want my kids to have any excuses when they get older. Of course they’re going to be good financially, privileged, but I don’t want them to come in and dwell over something or with their head down thinking something is too hard. My perspective can help the way they look at certain things.”


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