DeMarcus Cousins Thinks Victor Wembanyama Has What It Takes To Reach The NBA’s Mount Rushmore


No one can deny the impact of No.1 overall pick Victor Wembanyama. Even DeMarcus Cousins, a former superstar for the Sacramento Kings, is impressed.

Wembanyama is without a doubt living up to expectations. Even on a struggling San Antonio team, he remains a bright spot, averaging a solid 20.7 points, 10.4 rebounds and 3.5 blocks per game on 46.4% from the field.

Wembanyama’s performance has sparked talk about his potential and where he might rank among NBA players going forward. Cousins, who appeared on “Run It Back,” recently weighed in. He believes the French phenom has what it takes to reach the NBA’s Mount Rushmore.


“What I see from Wemby [Victor Wembanyama] is once again we’re starting, in real time, see the evolution of the game… Highly skilled. He has all the intangibles to sneak his way into that Mount Rushmore.”


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