DeMarcus Cousins – “If You Make Me An All Star Game Starter, I Will Release R&B Album”

Photo Credit: USATSI

Photo Credit: USATSI

DeMarcus Cousins – “If You Make Me An All Star Game Starter, I Will Release R&B Album”


Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins had a great interview with Sports 1140 KHTK’s Carmichael Dave, talking about releasing an R&B album, Zaza Pachulia leading NBA big man votes, arguing with referees, and collecting technical fouls.

As always, it’s really entertaining to hear Boogie talk, listen to his jokes and opinions. The Zaza bit is pure gold in my opinion.

The transcript is from USA Today’s FTW website, check it out.



On trailing Zaza Pachulia in All Star voting:

“Big Zaza, man … I gotta work on my game. I gotta get better. It’s like that sometimes. He’s a better player than me right now. I gotta accept it … he’s just giving me something to work towards.”

And, yes, this was all said sarcastically.


On a future R&B career and what he’s willing to do to make the All Star Game:

“I think I can sing. I should release this album. You know what, I got a deal for everyone: If you guys make me a starter in this year’s All Star Game, I will release my R&B album. And it won’t be an April Fools joke this time.”


On looking back at technicals and realizing he was in the wrong:

“I look at video all the time and think, DeMarcus, you look stupid as s–t. I’ll be the first one to … DeMarcus you look stupid as s–t. When I’m in the moment, everything’s making sense to me. Like, I’m not just reacting. It makes sense to me. I can go back and I’ll be the first to admit it: That was just plain stupid. I know I mess up a lot.”


On the pressure of trying to make the playoffs:

“Everybody’s been talking about my hairline lately. I’m getting there. I’m stressing out, people. I wanna win. I wanna make these playoffs. So if I’m bald-headed by the end of the season, you know why.”


On how he would handle losing his hair:

“Oh, I’m cool. I think I’m a handsome fella. I can pull off any look … I mean, I want to hold on as long as possible, but when it’s my time, it’s my time … I might pull out the George Karl look.”

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