DeMar DeRozan Isn’t Eligible To Enter Air Canada Center


DeMar DeRozan Isn’t Eligible To Enter Air Canada Center


It happened to Jeremy Lin before, now it happened to DeMar DeRozan. While some of his teammates were watching the Western Conference Finals, DeMar and Kyle Lowry tried to work up a sweat at Air Canada Center. A female arena employee didn’t recognize the All-Star, thought DeMar was a tresspasser and called for backup.


via NEOMG:

While members of the Cleveland Cavaliers spent Sunday night watching Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals at Real Sports Bar and Grill in downtown Toronto, DeMar DeRozan spent his evening inside Air Canada Centre. […] DeRozan worked up a sweat, shooting close to a thousand shots for about two and a half hours and didn’t exit the arena until 1 a.m. The session placed heavy emphasis on scoring assertively and promptly.About seven hours before his evening workout, DeRozan had a hard time entering the court. He had arrived to do a television interview with ESPN. Upon entry into the bowl area, a female security guard spotted him and stopped him. She asked what he was doing there and even went as far to ask if he worked at the arena. […] DeRozan just chuckled and kept walking down the 100-level steps and onto the court where his backcourt teammate Kyle Lowry was waiting. The security guard called for backup, assuming a possible trespasser was on the scene.

“That was the first time that ever happened,” DeRozan said of the incident. “I just laughed about it. You know me. I wasn’t tripping. You can call the whole security team in here and obviously somebody is going to know, but she was just doing her job.”

It didn’t seem to bother DeMar, as he eventually was able to work up a sweat. He tortured the Cavs last night with 32 points in a game 4 victory.

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