DeMar DeRozan And Paul George Agree With LeBron’s ‘Bronny Is Better Than Some NBA Players’ Statement

Photo Credit: Jay Laprete/Associated Press


In March, LeBron James raised some eyebrows, when he said that his eldest son Bronny James, who just committed to USC, already is ‘definitely better’ than some NBA players.



Back then, James faced a lot of backlash for his statement, with many calling it disrespectful. But while it’s understandable that a proud and loving father is somewhat biased towards his son, he’s now gotten prominent support from to fellow star players.

In the most recent episode of Paul George’s ‘Podcast P’ podcast, DeMar DeRozan, who was guest on the show, agreed with LeBron James, and so did George, by saying that at least 75-100 players in the league are horrible basketball players.


DeMar: “We got some sad motherf**kers in the league. Being in the league so long you realize how many motherfuckers don’t love the game of basketball. Who just want everything that comes with it.”

PG: “There are about 450 of us? It’s a good 75-100. STINKS. Good Dudes though.”


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