Dear Ray Allen – A Letter To Ray Allen

By Chad Finn,

By Chad Finn,

Dear Ray Allen – A Letter To Ray Allen


Dear Ray Allen,

It’s what we’ve been suspecting for a long time. We didn’t want it to be true, but you haven’t taken to the floor since 2013, and now you’ve given us closure. Finally calling it a day on a glittering career.

NBA fans got so excited when there was rumors you were returning this season, it was like little school girls in the playground. You hadn’t taken to the floor in such a long time, but it showed the genuine mark you left on all basketball fans. I wanted it to be true so badly, and when the rumors circulated that it might be Golden State, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

You know Ray, most people growing up nowadays know you purely for the three point assassin you were. What they don’t know is that YOU WERE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT IN YOUR PRIME!! I see kids nowadays talk about your shooting, but they don’t know that you were a bad bad man in the paint as well. A slasher, a scorer, a nightmare on offense. I remember watching videos of you in Milwaukee, taking threes blindfolded so you always knew exactly where the three point line was. That’s true work, dedicating your life to the game.

Usually, people recall you in their most recent memory, those were in Miami. Even coming off the bench, you were still the reliable, dead eye shooter everyone knew you were.

I’ll never forget the playoffs in 2014 when the Heat defeated the Nets in the first round. Game 5 you hit multiple clutch threes in the corner that had LeBron dancing, and the Miami bench going insane. It was the Ray Allen of old and it was a moment I had to myself, to smile and reminisce.

Then came THAT MOMENT. Perhaps the most clutch moment in NBA history given the circumstances. I’ll never forget it. No NBA fan will ever forget it. They’re not a true NBA fan if they don’t know it.


It was without doubt Mike Breen’s greatest “BANG” call of all time.

The crowd was so mental that they couldn’t even hear the ref blowing his whistle to review the play, I’m sure the whole of America could hear the roar of the crowd that very same moment.

I’m so happy you ended your career with Rings. I don’t know why, but great players are always measured by championships, and I’m glad you got yours. You were the original super team in Boston that paved the way for all the others.

It was fitting Steph Curry tweeted saying you are the greatest shooter ever. Everyone is so quick to dub him the greatest shooter, that even he himself knows how many years you were sinking them from downtown. It was truly a real recognize real moment. I hope your three point record lasts for many years to come.

You gave so much to the game, and we can never thank you enough. We can never fully appreciate what you gave to the game and people you inspired.

Forever the SPLASH king. The corner three will always be the Ray Allen corner.


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