Dear Kevin Garnett – A Letter To KG


Dear Kevin Garnett – A Letter To KG


Dear Kevin Garnett,
I don’t want it to happen, but it keeps happening, another legend retires. This one hits home just much as much as the others, the big ticket calls it a day. Another legend says farewell to the game.

I got the news whilst I was out with my friends. My phone started to light up, in a way that is unnerving and scary all at the same time. When I read what was going on my heart sank, I thought to myself “not another one, not another one”. No one passed away, but it seemed like a bit of me did. I didn’t want to believe that you and the Timberwolves were organising a buyout, I wasn’t prepared for it, but the reality soon fell on me. I put my phone down and didn’t speak to anyone for the rest of my time there. It seems like every year I see a piece of my childhood running off into the sunset, because another one of my idols leaves the game.

I must admit, I do like the new generation, but most of them will never have what you had. Pure desire, determination, competitiveness and grit. The will to win and doing whatever they can in their power to do so. You were so intense, I felt like I needed to calm down just watching you. My heart would race at the intensity in your eyes, and the trash talk that you used to fuel your game. Whatever the game, whatever the scenario, you wanted to win, and I can’t respect you enough for that.

You gave something different to the NBA. You made people believe they could be something even if they never played with you or never knew you. It was something I can’t quite explain, but it was must see TV. I remember your fierce battles with the Cavaliers and LeBron like it was yesterday. The games were as competitive as any, and these are the moments that will stay with me forever.

Your time with the Timberwolves transcended you to the greatest player they’ve ever had in franchise history, which is an achievement not many players can say they’ve had the honour of having. The torch has now been passed onto Karl Anthony Towns to continue the great power forward legacy in Minnesota, but it will be a tall order to match what you accomplished there.

I was so happy when you won the NBA championship in 2008, a trophy you craved for your entire career. The fashion in which your Celtic team won it in was fitting. Paul Pierce was the Finals MVP, but you were the emotional leader, the voice, the engine, the everything.

These are just some of the moments that come to mind straight away when I think of the name Kevin Garnett. I have so many memories of you that I could be here all day rattling them off, but I’m sure like most people, the greatest memories are the ones we can recall in a split second that instantly bring a smile to our face. I was blessed to witness you grow and watch your career unfold.

I wish you nothing but the best for your future and the game is going to miss you dearly. Thank you KG, thank you for giving absolutely everything to the game.

Good luck in your future endeavours and always remember:


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