Dear #24 – A Poem For Kobe


Dear #24 – A Poem For Kobe

One of our readers, asked us to make a post about this. Since we have a fan section, I agreed, and it is worth sharing:

He wrote:

Hi! I’m from the Philippines and I just made a poem for Kobe Bryant. I’d like to request to you guys to post this on your page. Hope this piece can reach our Black Mamba and wish he can read this. Hope you will like it sir and especially him if ever he can take time. Thanks a lot! I’m Mac Milan Raymundo, from Cavite, Philippines. Bleeding purple and gold, a die hard fan of Mr. K


Let see what he wrote:

Dear #24

You say you met us when you was a kid

But actually most of us grew up with you instead

And 18-year old Laker who compete with G.O.A.T.

The one who’s competitiveness always lock and load

The one who showed us the 81-point thing,

The one who showed us the art of game changing,

For the guy who taught us that failures make you stronger

For our Mamba, who showed us the clutch jumpers

Maybe your body cannot take this anymore

But your greatness will mark on us, for sure

Even though your jersey will leave us on the court,

But your spirit will mark on us,

No. 24 So, this is the last ride for us Mr. Bryant

Your legacy that you left on us will leave on our hearts forever

And for the players, young bloods and fans, Thank you, there can only be Kobe Bryant

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