Darvin Ham Sends Warning To Michael Malone After Series Of Jabs Against The Lakers: “This Sh*t Ain’t Over”

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports 


Since the Western Conference Finals, Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone has found reasons to keep the Los Angeles Lakers in his crosshairs, poking fun at the LA team in numerous media sessions. His pettiness has not stopped, even after their championship win.

In addition to his fair share of playful jabs at the Lakers, a local broadcaster at the Nuggets’ championship parade even dubbed Malone as the “Lakers’ daddy”, a moniker that was met with wild applause from the Nuggets fans.

But while the Nuggets were having fun, the Lakers weren’t just sitting idle. In fact, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham didn’t turn a blind eye to Malone’s antics or the nickname “Lakers’ daddy”. On a recent podcast, Ham asserted his stance, issuing a direct warning to the 51-year-old Nuggets head coach.


“Oh, wow. You’re gonna bring up Money Mike, man?” Ham said, via the #thisleague UNCUT with Chris Haynes and Marc Stein. “The Lakers’ daddy? That’s what they call him now? The Lakers’ daddy?”

“God bless his soul. This sh*t ain’t over. God bless his soul.”


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