Darius Miles Once Almost Died With Alonzo Mourning’s Jet Ski

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Darius Miles Once Almost Died With Alonzo Mourning’s Jet Ski


Almost ten years after retiring from the NBA, former 3rd overall draft pick Darius Miles had published an essay on The Players’ Tribune, called “What the Hell Happened to Darius Miles?”

Ever since Miles left the NBA he had left NBA radars, but then talked about the struggles of growing up in East St. Louis, playing for Donald Sterling, an incredible Shaquille O’Neal story, and about how he almost died at Alonzo Mourning’s Summer Groove camp with teammate Quentin Richardson.


“Now, what you gotta know is ― there were all these boats docked in the marina. But one of them was real low in the water, like a speedboat or something. You could barely see it. So there was this little red flag sticking up out of the water. Before we went out, I remember Zo saying something about this little red flag. “Watch out for that little red flag,” and such and such.”

“Bro, the last thing I saw was that little red flag.

I hit the edge of that boat with the Jet Ski and I flipped ― I’m talking flipped that bitch. And now I’m upside down, flying through the air. And I can just see the newspapers flashing in my mind, like, NBA ROOKIE DIES IN DAMN JET SKI ACCIDENT IN SOUTH BEACH.

So I pop my head up out the water, and I’m treading, but I’m feeling this seaweed touching my foot. This creepy-ass seaweed. I’m not having that. I’m yelling at Q, like, ‘Bruh! Come get me! Yo, come get me!’”


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