Danny Green Speaks Up On How He Handled Criticisms And Death Threats

Photo Credit: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Danny Green Speaks Up On How He Handled Criticisms And Death Threats


Danny Green was one of the most scrutinized players on the Los Angeles Lakers this past NBA season. The veteran sharpshooter was struggling to make open shots and was looking like a shell of the player we have become accustomed to watching.

Green’s potential title-clinching three-pointer in Game 5 of the NBA Finals also drew a ton of criticism and even absurd death threats from sick basketball fans who were obviously fazed of Green’s inconsistent shooting throughout the season.

In a recent interview on ClutchPoints’ ‘Battle for LA’ podcast, Danny Green, who received an unfair treatment from fans, now spoke up on living through the criticism and how he managed to overcome receiving death threats.


“I was used to the criticism and things like that. But when you’re the only sport playing at one point and everything is focused on you guys and basketball, everything is more magnified. So it’s tough man. It’s a tough situation, it was tough times and it wasn’t easy being in that area, being in the scenario. But now we’ve gotten used to it and adapted to it a little bit so if it happens again, obviously, we know how to operate in it. But hopefully it doesn’t happen again.”

“It wasn’t easy, it was tough,” he added. “It’s a lot of stuff that I don’t take seriously. It wasn’t the first time I’ve gotten threats or criticism. I’ve got threats before and cussing in every city I’ve played in so it’s part of the game it comes with it, it comes with the territory so just take it for what it is block out the noise, block the accounts of fake people trying to message you whatever ignore everything else trying to stay off social media. try to stay off of sports channels, basketball talk, and try to escape as best as you can while you’re in there and stay fresh so that when you do play the game, you’re not burnt out.”


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