Cousins And Durant Fighting Over Who’s The Alpha-Warrior

Photo Credit: Randy Vasquez/Bay Area News Group

Cousins And Durant Fighting Over Who’s The Alpha-Warrior


Last month, DeMarcus Cousins shocked the world when he signed a one-year, $5.3 million deal with the back-to-back Champions, the Golden State Warriors.

Just when we thought the West was about to become competitive again, after LeBron signed with the Lakers, another All-Star joined the Dubs. When Cousins returns from his injury, Golden State will have a starting five, solely consisting out of All-Stars.

The only question concerning the Warriors is if so many superstars are able to co-exist. Every team needs a leader, but this team has a minimum of four (Klay seems to be ok with a less vocal role).

Prior to the Warriors’ pre-season debut, there was a first fight for the alpha role. But it was all fun and games and not meant to be serious (no one is losing an eye yet). Cousins and Durant were wrestling over who gets to head out of the tunnel last. The real question is, why is Kevin Durant taller than yet another 6’11 listed player.


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