Could LeBron James Be Headed To The Dallas Mavericks? 


As the NBA inches closer to the upcoming trade deadline next month, there’s a lot of chatter about potential player movements. Alongside these talks, people are throwing around some wild and out-of-the-box ideas that are buzzing within NBA circles.

One discussion involves Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. Right now, the Lakers are in the spotlight, with fans and pundits mainly focusing on how the Lakers can make their team better to support the 39-year-old superstar. However, a different idea has surfaced in a web feature called “Scoop B Talks.”

The discussion considers the possibility of LeBron leaving his current team and joining another. In particular, media personality Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson and Landon Buford of Forbes explored this concept by linking LeBron to the Dallas Mavericks.


Buford stated, “Of course [I’d like to see James in Dallas], but how is this going to actually happen? Does Dallas have the trade pieces for that? And how the heck are they going to let LeBron out of LA and Luka’s not in the trade, or Kyrie’s [not] in the trade?”

In response, Robinson remarked, “LeBron would have to seek a buyout.”


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