Con Man Claiming To Be Adele’s Manager Tricked PG13, Oldadipo and Rip Hamilton

Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Con Man Claiming To Be Adele’s Manager Tricked PG13, Oldadipo and Rip Hamilton


According to the Miami Herald, a Florida based con man, who claimed to be Adele’s manager, tricked Paul George, Victor Oladipo and Richard Hamilton:


“Two months ago, police arrested a notorious South Florida con man on accusations that he impersonated the manager of singer Adele to try to get tickets to a Miami hip-hop concert. But his scam targeted a host of other sports stars and celebrities over the years, prosecutors said Tuesday in filing new criminal charges against Justin Jackson and his wife….

Offered Adele concert tickets in exchange for sneakers from basketball players Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook and Bismack Biyombo, among others, purportedly for an auction to benefit charities. He succeeded in getting sneakers shipped to him from NBA stars Paul George, Victor Oladipo and Richard Hamilton.”


I like these ‘gentlemen’ con artists. They put a lot of time and thought into a scam, and normally don’t scam old people out of their life savings. People like Jackson who are this creative could easily find something legal that could make them money.

I also don’t think that the playes should be blamed. They get requests for stuff like that on a regular basis and are normally covered by their sponsor when it comes to gear.

Jackson apparently isn’t new to the con game either. He faces more than a dozen charges trying to scam a lot of other stars. Jackson has also spent time in a prison before, when he pretended to be Madona’s manager. He scamed a jeweler, receiving rings, and other jewelry.

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