Coach Tyronn Lue Hilariously Blasts Cavaliers’ Defense

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Coach Tyronn Lue Hilariously Blasts Cavaliers’ Defense


The Cleveland Cavaliers’ finished the regular season with a defensive rating of 108.0, ranking them 22nd of the 30 teams. Cleveland’s defense after the All Star break was even worse, ranking them 27th.

In these playoffs so far, the effort seemed to have improved, even though the numbers do not really show it. The Cavs defense still is a liabilty, especially when LeBron James sits (in the Indiana series, that Cavaliers had a defensive rating of worse than 140 when LeBron was on the bench).

Offense wins games, defense wins championships – this may have changed the last two years (the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the last two championship teams, are far better offensive teams), but nontheless, defense is a key factor to being successful in the Playoffs. Positioning and communication are very important, something the Cavaliers have been lacking this season, especially on the defensive end. These things make you go crazy as a coach. Tyronn Lue was very mad on various occations throughout the year.

Something the Cavaliers are good at are handshakes.


These handshakes sparked an interesting and hilarious response from Tyronn Lue. Who spared no punches when talking about his team’s defense and handshakes.


“I wish we could remember some of the defensive schemes that well. Guys come to the side, “My bad. I forgot.” But they remember all this and all that.”


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