Clippers Fan Wins a Jeep With Half-court Shot



Clippers Fan Wins a Jeep With Half-court Shot


Congrats! A Clippers fan was able to sink the half-court shot at halftime and won a car.

But the real story here is the level of excitement the announcer has. She went nuts and once again you gotta love the internet for comments like this:


Lol watched it again and she says, “You’re gonna be driving your NEW fiancé around in that Jeep!” And you know who she meant when she said “NEW fiancé”…


Only thing better than him making that shot would Gongfu Tea Cup
been if they cut the camera away to see his fiancée’s reaction right AFTER 0:23! lol


He lost a fiance, but won a Jeep and a handful of ass. What a day! lol. Marriage life is overrated, anyway!


Damn, she acted like she was his bih




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