Chris Broussard Believes Lakers Intentionally Leaked ‘News’ About Keeping Russell Westbrook

Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Chris Broussard Believes Lakers Intentionally Leaked ‘News’ About Keeping Russell Westbrook


The Los Angeles Lakers expected more success this season with the help of former league MVP Russell Westbrook, but things turned out much worse as the team finished their campaign with a 33-49 record, which ultimately curbed their playoff hopes.

Westbrook failed to live up to expectations and struggled to find any consistent rhythm all year. As a ball-dominant player, he also had to fit in alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis which made it difficult for him to succeed as an individual. 

On the year, Westbrook averaged 18.5 points (his lowest mark since the 2009-10 NBA season), 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists per game on 44.4% shooting from the field, 29.8% from the three-point line and 66.7% from the charity stripe.

Appearing on an exit interview, Westbrook held no punches when discussing his experience with the Lakers. According to the 33-year old point guard, the Lakers didn’t actually allow him to be himself at all, which was in contrast to LeBron and Davis’ message during the season.

While his exit interview already made it seem as there won’t be a future of the Westbrook-Lakers pairing, a recent report revealed that the team is still undecided on the future of Westbrook with the team

More so, the Lakers are even asking its head coach candidates how they might utilize Westbrook in their plans for the team.

This however, and the report itself, is a home made fabrication – a report the Lakers released themselves, according to Chris Broussard.


“I think they’re smart enough to know that look we’ve got to make it seem like we really want to keep Russ. We’ve got to up his value so that maybe we get something for him. I will say this, I don’t think the Lakers are excited about not only having to give up maybe assets in the future like a first-round draft pick or two to get rid of Russ, but they also understand they might have to take back long-term salaries, like ugly contracts in return for guys that might not be that good. 

They might bring him back if they just can’t move him. I think their first option and choice is to get rid of him. But if the offers are so bad, and they can’t stomach a buyout. … I think that’s smart. I think it’s just see what they say about what they would do with Russ. It also tells you about their basketball acumen as well. So I don’t think that’s a negative that they’re asking coaching candidates about how they will handle the Russ.”


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