Charles Barkley Savagely Roasted Boston Sports Fans At Halftime

Screenshot NBA on TNT


The Boston Celtics had to suffer a devastating defeat against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 5.

When the game headed into halftime, the Celtics were already trailing the Sixers 58-49. This is when Charles Barkley rubbed some salt into the wound, kicking Boston fans while they were down already.

Barkley not only is notorious for his critical comments and provocative opinions, drawing the ire of many personalities around the NBA, but also for constantly provoking various fan bases.

Chuck said that even if the Celtics end up losing this series, at least the Boston Bruins were still continuing their playoff run…


“In fairness, even if the Celtics lose this series, they still got the Bruins… oh, sorry!”


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