Charles Barkley May Finally Be Part Of Future NBA 2K Video Games 

Photo Credit: Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Charles Barkley May Finally Be Part Of Future NBA 2K Video Games 


While almost every current and former NBA star is playable in the NBA 2K series, Charles Barkley is one of the few who isn’t featured in NBA 2K. 

Turns out that the Chuckster isn’t a fan of 2K Sports’ distribution of profits. While he isn’t asking for anything that would benefit himself, Barkley has been trying to get 2k to set up some kind of retirement fund for NBA players for years.


“I’m asked that question a lot. So, they pay those guys to do it and they make 300 million dollars and they pay the guys chump change. And I’m like nah, I’m not doing that. I said this is what I’ll do, because giving me some money doesn’t help anybody. I said give the old retired players a million dollars and I’ll be in the video game. They’re like, well, we’re gonna pay you the same thing we pay others, and I said I’m not like the others. They piss me off every year. They call me every year and say ‘hey, have you changed your mind?’ Why in the world would you think I’m gonna change my mind?”



However, 2K being Barkley-less might change in the near future. While not at the hands of 2K, but at the hands of the NBA, there’s a step in the right direction now, as the NBA announced to pay $24.5 million to former ABA players to help them with their lives.

Some people expect 2K to follow that path and pay some amount to retired players as well. Then, we would finally be able to play with Charles Barkley.

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