Charles Barkley May Be Going to Leave ‘Inside the NBA’ Immediately To Join The LIV Tour

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Charles Barkley May Be Going to Leave ‘Inside the NBA’ Immediately To Join The LIV Tour


Charles Barkley was one of the most entertaining players in NBA history. On and off the court. Thankfully this hasn’t changed for his second career in broadcasting. The Inside the NBA on TNT crew simply is the best when it comes to basketball shows on TV.

Barkley simply is a genuinely funny guy. But unfortunately for every basketball fan who isn’t female and living in San Antonio, our time with the Chuckster on our TV screens will be coming to an end soon.

Retirement is around the corner for Barkley, who doesn’t think he’ll re-sign with TNT once his contract expires in two years…

Turns out that Barkley’s basketball broadcasting career may end immediately. Barkley reportedly has an offer from LIV Golf.

LIV is a professional golf tour financed by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia attracted players with record prize money. Apparently there’s also a lot of money in play for broadcasters.

Dan Patrick reported on his Tuesday radio show that if Charles Barkley joins the LIV Tour, he will likely leave TNT and Inside the NBA.


“He’s the most valuable voice in sports media,” said Patrick. “You throw in all the commercials, because he may lose those endorsements, a lot of these players who joined the LIV tour lost endorsements. Charles knows that he may lose those. So if you’re gonna go after Charles Barkley, you don’t have a TV deal and you have David Feherty, what are you gonna give Charles Barkley? And Charles says he’s going to listen to them, I believe tomorrow night and decide what he’s going to do, and he might have to leave TNT. That’s why this is a huge deal. And Charles knows that he may have to leave TNT to do this.”



Barkley has made no secret that money is important to him. Just recently, he told Pat McAfee: “I don’t judge other people. If someone gave me $200 million, I’d kill a relative.”

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