Charles Barkley Disses “Losers” Who Watched The Solar Eclipse


While the celestial ballet of the solar eclipse unfolded across the United States, former NBA star and current TV analyst, Charles Barkley had his eyes fixed on a different court.

During halftime of the NCAA men’s basketball championship game between Purdue and UConn, Barkley took a shot at those who dared to glance skyward.


“Were y’all some of the losers standing outside watching that today?” Barkley quipped, dismissing the eclipse as mere folly. His co-host, Ernie Johnson, pushed back, defending the eclipse-watchers. “They’re not losers,” Johnson retorted.

But Barkley wasn’t backing down. “Hey, we’ve all seen darkness before. Stop it,” he fired back. 


The studio banter echoed through the airwaves, sparking a social media frenzy. In Phoenix, where the game unfolded, the eclipse was less dramatic than in other parts of the country. Yet even with 70% of the sun obscured, the crescent-shaped spectacle left an indelible mark. 


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