Cavaliers New City Edition Jersey Unveiling Party Goes Wrong With Fans Trashing It


Ever since Nike took over from Adidas, NBA teams have had an influx of special edition jerseys. There have been ‘City Edition’, ‘Statement’, and ‘Classic’ Jerseys for each team every once in a while.

This now led to Kyle Kuzma criticize Nike and the NBA, saying that the nostalgia of jerseys and the brand identity is being destroyed over the amount of annual new jerseys.

That new isn’t necessarily always better was now proved by the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well. When the Cavs festively unveiled the jerseys during an event for season ticket holders, even the most loyal of fans hated it.

The audience barley gave any response, and the response they gave was pretty negative, as one fan filming the event could be hear saying:


“That sucks. That’s garbage. Oh my God. What the hell was that?”



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