Carmelo Anthony Believes A LeBron James-Stephen Curry Pairing Wouldn’t Be Enough To Win A Championship


Following the NBA trade deadline, some previously unknown trade talks have come to light. One report that particularly captured everyone’s attention involved the Golden State Warriors trying to acquire LeBron James.

This would have been a major deal, as it would have seen Stephen Curry and LeBron James, both multi-time champions and famous rivals, joining forces to chase a championship. However, the talks did not progress, with LeBron reportedly choosing to remain with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, imagine if the trade had happened. How would LeBron moving to Golden State have helped their chances of winning the championship? Draymond Green and Carmelo Anthony gave their views on this. Green thinks it would have led to a championship win, but Anthony isn’t convinced.


Green believed, “I think that team wins a championship, no problem.” Anthony argued, “I don’t think so because, guess what? If Bron is going to Golden State, you gotta build another team. He outta there. Klay is gone. They ain’t gonna stay.”


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