Brook Lopez Saved His Cat From The Los Angeles Fires

Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Brook Lopez Saved His Cat From The Los Angeles Fires


I don’t know if you knew, but Brook Lopez is a cat owner. He owns a 10-year old Main Coon named Poupin. Lopez lives in an L.A. neighborhood that is affected by the wildfires.

The center was afraid the fire could come closer to his home and possibly kill his beloved cat. So, before the Los Angeles Lakers were heading out to Charlotte for the second leg of their road trip, Lopez had to make sure his cat was safe.

He hired a limo service to transport his cat to his family in Fresno.


Lopez loaded Poupin, a 10-year-old Maine coon mix with an Instagram account, into his carrier and loaded him into the car, hired through a limousine service. Little did the driver know that his responsibilities would not be limited to delivering Lopez to the Lakers team plane.

Poupin needed to go to Fresno, where he could stay with Lopez’s mother and be out of harm’s way.

“I had a car service for my cat,” Lopez said.

via Bill Oram of the Southern California News Group

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