Bronny James Is Already An NBA-Caliber Defender, Reportedly According To NBA Teams


Bronny James has been a topic of discussion since declaring for the 2024 NBA Draft. This comes after a freshman year at USC where he averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 0.8 assists on 37% shooting from the field.

Now, Bronny is currently under the microscope. While his stats haven’t silenced critics who question his overall NBA readiness, his defensive abilities are generating a different kind of buzz.

Bronny’s reputation as a standout defender in college is well-known. Apparently, this status is also getting noticed at the professional level, as NBA teams are already viewing the 19-year-old guard as an NBA-caliber defender.


“When I talk to NBA teams there’s a clear consensus that as a defender he’s already at that caliber of an NBA defender,” Charania said. “We know about his basketball IQ as well. Obviously great genes there. Shooting, offensive game, ball handling, I think those are all things that scouts and talented evaluators will keep an eye on as he goes through the pre-draft process.”


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