Brian Windhorst Suggests That Arena Is Intentionally Handing The Clippers A Brutal Schedule Due To Their Impending Venue Change



NBA scheduling is pivotal for teams to get sufficient rest and minimize demanding travel. Yet, it seems the Los Angeles Clippers consistently find themselves with the tougher end of the deal.

Upon the NBA’s latest schedule for all teams, the Clippers are set to endure an extensive travel schedule. They’ll clock in at 50,670 miles this season, notably 3,604 miles more than the next team, the Brooklyn Nets.



This isn’t the first time the Clippers have been handed such a demanding schedule. Last season, Clippers superstar Paul George addressed this very issue on his podcast, hinting that the league has pressed them with tough schedules for years.

Building on this story, renowned NBA analyst Brian Windhorst suggests a reason for the Clippers’ scheduling woes. He believes the Arena, currently shared by the Clippers and Lakers, may be intentionally giving the Clippers less favorable dates, possibly due to their upcoming move to another venue.


Tim MacMahon: “But like in terms of all the like back-to-backs and three-in-four and five-in-seven, the Clippers are at or near the top of the list… which is interesting.”

Brian Windhorst: “I think the second year in a row that this– something like this has happened.”

Tim Bontemps: “Well, it’s been a long standing issue and part of why they’re going to have a new arena is because they pick third when it comes to date availability at what was dubbed the building formerly known as the Staples Center.”

Brian Windhorst: “Right. But it’s been particularly, I think… I hope I’m not going to get in trouble for this. I can see my phone ringing. The Lakers are at the other end of the list. Well, yeah. That’s– I think it’s been slightly worse the last two years in terms of the way the Clippers’ usage of CRYPTO.COM has been allocated. I think it’s been slightly worse because they’re on their way out. And so any 50/50 ball goes into the other direction [to the Lakers].”


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