Brandon Ingram and Tyrese Haliburton Troll Jalen Brunson With Vending Machine Prank

Photo: SportsTiger


Team USA players Brandon Ingram and Tyrese Haliburton pulled a hilarious prank on Jalen Brunson after a recent exhibition game.

After the game, Brunson left his wallet in the locker room. Ingram and Haliburton found the wallet and decided to use Brunson’s credit card to buy snacks from the vending machine.

The two bought a bunch of snacks, including Funyuns, Ruffles, and a cinnamon roll. They then posted a video on social media of themselves enjoying the snacks on Brunson’s dime.

Brunson then jokingly threatened to “smack” them, but he also took the prank in stride.


“I’m going to smack them,” Brunson said. “But it’s all good. They’re my boys.”


Ingram and Haliburton said they were just having some fun with Brunson. They said they knew he would get a kick out of the prank.


“We were just trying to have some fun,” Ingram said. “We knew Jalen would get a laugh out of it.”


Haliburton said he was surprised that Brunson didn’t notice his wallet was missing.


“I thought for sure Jalen would notice his wallet was gone,” Haliburton said. “But he didn’t. He was too busy celebrating the win.”


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