Bradley Beal Defends Russell Westbrook From Criticism: “That Sh*t Gotta Stop”

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


Coming to the Los Angeles Lakers, the expectation was that Russell Westbrook would help the team contend for a title and become a reliable third star. However, his production didn’t really match his expensive contract and the team surprisingly turned out to be worse than expected. 

Though the Lakers decided to give the Westbrook experiment a second chance following a missed postseason campaign, things still didn’t work out and it came to a point that a trade was deemed necessary to remedy the situation.

Many fans now view Westbrook not only as a negative player but also a bad teammate following his disastrous tenure with the Lakers. However, his former Washington Wizards teammate Bradley Beal isn’t buying that narrative and told that the disrespect has to stop.


“That shit pisses me off,” Beal said. “I ain’t going to lie, bro, it really frustrates me because especially being a guy that played with him. The disrespect, that sh*t gotta stop.”


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