Bobby Marks Addresses Whether Teams Would Be Willing To Draft Bronny To Lure LeBron James


LeBron James has repeatedly made it clear that he’s interested in playing with his son, Bronny James, in the NBA. Consequently, there’s much talk about whether teams would be willing to draft Bronny as a means to lure LeBron onto their team.

To be fair, Bronny is a decent player in his own right, known as a combo guard with a reputation for athleticism and defensive skills. But projected to be a mid to late first-round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, Bronny isn’t seen as a major pickup. The bigger draw, however, is LeBron, especially if he decides to follow Bronny to whichever team drafts him.

Now, former NBA executive Bobby Marks, addressing the speculation surrounding LeBron and Bronny’s future in the NBA, suggests that teams might be hesitant to draft Bronny early or choose him over more promising prospects just to entice LeBron to join their team.

As transcribed by Peter Dewey of LakersDaily:


“It’s hard for me to see that,” Marks said when asked if a team would draft the younger James to lure the four-time NBA champion to their franchise. “Especially if it’s teams picking up in the top 10. If you look at a team, for example Charlotte, would they pick Bronny James, who maybe some people project late first-round, early-second round with the eighth pick in the draft just for the belief that they can get LeBron James in their building?

“Teams don’t operate that way. They operate how their board dictates it.”


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