Boban Marjanovic Vs John Wick

Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Boban Marjanovic Vs John Wick


Boban hasn’t been playing an awful a lot of minutes in his NBA career, but he has been producing very interesting numbers every time he steps on the court. As crazy as it sounds for a role player, Boban is among the career record holders for career PER, ORTG, WS/48 and TS%. That’s in NBA history.

On top of that, Boban has emerged as a fan favorite around the NBA, rightfully so.

His incredible size (7’3″, 290 lbs) has now led to his first movie role in Hollywood. In John Wick 3, Boban is fighting none other than Keanu Reeves aka John Wick. Marjanovic told USA Today Sport’s FTW:


“I kicked the stuntman first because my foot is so big, I didn’t want to kick (Reeves) in the face,” he says. ‘It was a pretty good kick, to be honest. I kicked both of them, but in the movie, it was Keanu.”


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