Bob Myers Gives Brutally Honest Update On Klay Thompson’s Return Next Season

Photo Credit: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

Bob Myers Gives Brutally Honest Update On Klay Thompson’s Return Next Season


After working his way back into form following the torn ACL he suffered during the 2019 NBA Finals, Klay Thompson received new devastating news when an injury he suffered this past offseason turned out to be an Achilles tear.

But Thompson was still with the team as often as his rehab allowed him to, and he seems to be more than appreciated by every single one on the team.

Thompson, who will likely make a full recovery, possibly even for the start of the new season, recently said that he’s never been hungrier to return, especially after the Warriors’ loss to the Grizzlies.

But Warriors General Manager Bob Myers now preached caution and revealed that he’s not sure whether Thompson will be ready for the start of the new season.


“I don’t know that it will be the start of the year. We’ll see more as camp gets closer. When I say start of the year I mean Game 1, I don’t know if that’s realistic or not…

…What we’re focused on is when do we expect Klay to be Klay, and I don’t know if that will be January, February, March, it’s too early to say…

…We’re not going to throw him out there if he’s not ready, and he’s doing everything he can to get back… I want to talk about Klay a lot, but I’m reluctant because I don’t want to use that as an excuse. I don’t want people to think ‘well when Klay comes back everything is going to be great.’ As great as he is and it will help a lot, we have to look at our team and say, Klay will be a huge addition but there’s other areas where we need to improve on as well, but I don’t know exactly when it will be.”


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