Bill Simmons Says Jalen Green’s Recent Performances Echoe Young Kobe Bryant


In basketball, comparisons between current players and legends of the game are not uncommon. However, when such a comparison comes from a voice as influential as Bill Simmons’, it demands attention.

Recently, Simmons drew parallels between the Houston Rockets’ young star Jalen Green and the late, great Kobe Bryant.

Simmons observed that Green’s recent performances have been reminiscent of a young Bryant.


“This version of the attacking the rim and then the jump shooting, [it] reminds me a little of young Kobe,”


Simmons clarified that he was referring not to the three-time champion Kobe but to the late-90s Kobe, where the raw talent and potential were just beginning to unfold into greatness.

Green, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, has been on a tear lately, showcasing a level of skill and athleticism that has caught the eye of many, including Simmons.


“Watching him the last couple of weeks, it’s like, man, if you were just drawing a two-guard from scratch, from a scoring standpoint, what kind of move or shot doesn’t he have?” Simmons expressed.



The comparison to Bryant is significant, not just for the style of play but also for the mentality. Green has previously mentioned drawing inspiration from Bryant, studying him extensively to lock in a similar mentality. It seems the study and hard work are paying dividends, as Green’s performances have propelled him into the spotlight, earning him praise from critics who may have previously underestimated him.

Simmons’ comparison also marks a stark contrast to his previous stance on Green. In April 2022, Simmons chose Herb Jones over Jalen Green for the All-Rookie team, a decision that was met with backlash from Green’s fans. Now, two years later, Simmons’ praise reflects the growth and impact Green has made on the court.

As the Rockets continue their journey with Green as a cornerstone of the franchise, the echoes of Bryant’s legacy serve as a high bar and an inspiring reminder of what dedication to the craft can achieve. Jalen Green’s journey is far from over, but with each game, he continues to build his legacy, one that may one day be spoken of in the same breath as Kobe Bryant’s.

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