Bill Simmons Narrates 20 Years Of Knicks Failures

Bill Simmons Narrates 20 Years Of Knicks Failures


This year’s free agency already is completely crazy, even though it’s only two days old.

One of the first moves that officially were made public (well, Woj reported it already before the official start of the 2019 free agency) was the Brooklyn Nets’ signing of superstar Kevin Durant.

In Brooklyn, KD will be joined by Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan, meaning that New York City finally has its super team… just not the Knicks.

Due to the fact that the Knicks missed out on all their targets once again, and the fact that nothing has worked out for the franchise in the past 20 years, Bill Simmons put together a fun little video, narrating all the Knicks failures in these 20 years.


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