Bill Simmons Floats The Idea Of Spurs Trading For Cade Cunningham To Pair With Victor Wembanyama


The San Antonio Spurs are at the bottom of the NBA, sitting last in the Western Conference with a 4-24 record. However, there’s a lot of buzz around them, mainly because they have the generational No.1 overall pick Victor Wembanyama.

The Spurs aren’t anticipated to dominate this season, but many fans are looking forward to signs of a competitive team in the making. They hope that the team will focus on building around Wembanyama and finding the perfect pair to match his skills.

Amid these talks, a lot of people are throwing out ideas for who to trade for and team up with the 19-year-old French standout. Well-known media personality Bill Simmons has joined this conversation, floating Detroit Pistons point guard Cade Cunningham as a potential choice.


“Why can’t the Spurs trade for Cade Cunningham?” asks Simmons. “They could give Detroit their first-round pick, which would be a top-five or top-six pick this year, and Tornonto’s first this year, which is top-six protected. They could give them Atlanta’s ‘25 first and throw in Chicago’s [2025] first…Like, just say f*ck it, Wemby’s special. What are we waiting for? This draft isn’t even that great. Let’s go get Cade Cunningham now, Detroit is a mess.”


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