Basketball Betting Myth Buster

Basketball Betting Myth Buster


Online gambling is legal in an increasing number of countries and states around the world. If it’s not yet settled in your region, the chances are it’s coming soon. Sports fans have a real desire to make predictions on their favourite teams and players, targeting a profit while they enjoy the action live on TV. Bet smart on sports, and you could boost your balance while cheering your team to victory at the best Vegas sportsbooks.

The fast and furious nature of basketball and, in particular, the NBA makes it a perfect sport to wager on. Games are unpredictable, usually high scoring and can change in the blink of an eye. One three-pointer, one miss, one pass when a shot was on. It can make all the difference to the final result, and it can have an impact on your bets. Basketball matches are won and lost by the finest of margins, as are basketball bets.

We’re here to help clear the way

You may have an interest in betting on the NBA but don’t quite know where to start. It’s certainly not an easy industry to work out, especially if you are new to the game and lack experience. The jargon, different types of bets, gambling rules. It can all be a little strange and may even put some people off trying. There are also more than a few basketball betting myths that serve to only further muddy the waters.

That’s where this article comes in handy. We have recruited a sports betting expert to settle up any myths and explain grey areas, leaving the path clear for you to create an online betting account and start gambling on NBA matches shown live on TV. The aim of this page is to help you better understand sports betting and explain how you can create an online betting account. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Visit the homepage of your chosen bookie and click the join tab
  • Fill in the registration form, providing all the necessary information
  • Create a username and password that will be used to access your account
  • Make your first deposit using a debit card or e-wallet and place a bet on the NBA

Let’s get stuck into the myths we are keen to remove. Below, you’ll find three popular sports betting myths that aren’t just untrue. They could be harmful to you as a gambler. 

Sports betting is complicated

This is a common misconception. We understand it may seem strange or even complicated to new bettors, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it. There is plenty of jargon around, we will admit that and that can be frustrating, but if you keep your bets simple for the first few, you’ll be on top of it all quickly. Many bookies also have a jargon buster, or you’ll find something similar online. There is nothing designed to trip you up or trick you out of your stake, that’s for sure.

Your details will be at risk

The leading bookies that are licensed and regulated by a respectable body use the latest online security measures. Secure Socket Layer technology protects your details, including your payment information, from others. 

The encryption programme means not even the betting site’s staff can access your personal information. This allows you to bet on sports with complete peace of mind. The protection offered by your bookie is in addition to the protection offered by your debit card or e-wallet.

You need a sports betting strategy

There is no such thing as a winning sports betting strategy. Regardless of what someone claiming to be in the know tells you, it’s nonsense. There is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies, and the quicker you accept that the more chance you’ll have of actually making a profit from your sports bets. 

There may be no foolproof way to beat the traders, but the more research you do into a fixture, the more winning bets you’ll make. You should know everything about an NBA game before betting, including form, injury news and the head to head stats. You can be sure the bookies’ trading team will be fully up to speed on the most important information, so you should be too.

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