Are People Underrating The Raptors & Heat In The East? 

Photo Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

Are People Underrating The Raptors & Heat In The East? 


This year’s NBA season now is old enough for the standings to actually hold some kind of value. While there still are many surprises, five teams stand out the most.

Negatively, we have the Warriors and Blazers vastly underperforming from every prediction, positively, the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat, who have exceeded expectations.

Yes, the Toronto Raptors are the defending champions, but no one would have expected them to be at the top of the eastern conference again this year, after losing Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard.

With Miami securing the talents of Jimmy Butler paired with great scouting before this year’s NBA Draft, also played out perfectly for the Heat.

The two franchises are currently tied for 3rd in the eastern conference with 12-4 records, with neither team having dropped a home game. We’ve all seen some of their games, and we all are acknowledging their performances, but I somehow have the feeling that not too many are taking them too seriously. Not many have either team as a real threat for Milwaukee, Boston or Philadelphia, when it comes to a playoff preview.

It’s not only fans and media though, as bookies also are on the same path.

The current NBA odds for upcoming games show us that the East has become a three-team race between Milwaukee (+170), Philly (+230), and Boston (+480), even though Toronto (+930) and Miami (+930) are playing as well as anyone. It makes sense for the 60-win Bucks to have the shortest odds, given that they also have the best point differential. It’s harder to justify the Heat and Raptors, who, as said earlier, both have a better record and point difference than the Sixers and are undefeated at home, sitting so far behind Philadelphia. Are we underrating these two teams? I’m pretty sure that the Heat and the Raptors will give their best to prove all of us wrong.

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