Anthony Morrow Reveals Stephen Curry’s Rookie Season Nickname

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Anthony Morrow Reveals Stephen Curry’s Rookie Season Nickname


Former NBA three point specialist Anthony Morrow started his career with the Golden State Warriors in 2008 and remained with the team for two seasons. He therefore was teammates with two-time MVP, Stephen Curry during his rookie season in 2009/2010.

The two were able to build a friendship that went beyond the basketball court and still carries on to this day.

Curry now was guest on ‘The Life Podcast’, which is co-hosted by Morrow, and during the episode, Morrow revealed the nickname he gave rookie Steph:


“I had a nickname for Steph when we were with the Warriors — his nickname was ‘Middle School Shawty’. He played carefree like he was in middle school, but it was effective. And he turned into one of the GOATs, man.”


During their sole season as teammates, the rookie and sophomore duo had incredible shooting numbers from beyond the three-point line. Morrow shot 45.6% on 4.4 attempts from three-point territory, while Steph made 43.7% of his 4.8 attempts per game.

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