Anthony Edwards’ Amazing Reaction After Seeing His Dunk Of The Year For The First Time


In an electrifying display of athleticism and power, Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves delivered what could be the dunk of the year—and perhaps more—during a game against the Utah Jazz.

The dunk over John Collins left both fans and teammates in awe. Mike Conley, point guard for the Timberwolves, described it as possibly the best dunk he’s ever witnessed in person.

Edwards, who idolized dunking legends like Vince Carter, has always aspired to emulate their high-flying feats. His slam over Collins certainly placed him in that elite category. “It gives me chills, man, because I always dreamed of dunking on somebody like that,” Edwards shared after the game.

However, the dunk came at a cost. Edwards dislocated his left ring finger after colliding with Collins’ cheekbone, and Collins was evaluated for a possible concussion, later confirmed to be a head contusion. Both players were banged up, but Edwards’ quick return to the game after taping up his finger showcased his resilience.

After the game, Edwards reacted to his poster dunk for the first time and was in absolute awe about himself.


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