Anthony Davis Imagines The 2020 NBA Season Without The Bubble Environment: “We Were Gonna Win Anyway”


The Los Angeles Lakers’ championship win in the 2019-20 NBA season continues to spark heated debate. Critics and doubters argue that their victory deserves an asterisk because it was won in the unique setting of the NBA bubble.

As one may recall, the NBA was compelled to create a bubble environment in Disney World, Orlando, to restart the season interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This setup was unique, lacking the usual massive crowds, home-court advantage, and the need for cross-city travel.

With a lot of argument still lingering, Lakers superstar Anthony Davis addressed these doubts head-on. The Lakers big man stated that they would’ve won regardless, even under normal circumstances and without the NBA bubble.


“People talk about ‘aw the Lakers championship. Oh, it wasn’t real, the bubble’… We were running through the league. We were gonna win anyway.”


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